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"What Would You Do?" Lunch Event - 9 July 2018

The ESSEC Philanthropy Chair
invites you to the first edition of a new discussion series:

“What Would You Do?”

which will be held
Monday, 9 July 2018
From 12:15 to 14:00 

At the ESSEC Executive Education Campus
CNIT, Paris-La Défense, Access 2 Room 220 
(Metro La Défense - Grande Arche) 

“What Would You Do?”
Creating a Laboratory for Effective Philanthropy:
Testing New Approaches to Move Beyond Traditional Grantmaking

“What would you do?”  is a new event that re-creates the case study method of learning used in the classrooms of many top universities. Prior to the event, participants will be sent a brand new case study developed by the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair before it is made available to other universities worldwide. The case gives an up-close, in-depth, description of a strategic or managerial problem confronting a real philanthropic organization. During the session, participants will share their own ideas, insights, and experiences about a problem many philanthropic organizations experience. Moreover, the discussion enables the instructors leading the discussion to illustrate theories and concepts related to that problem. Representatives from the focal organization will attend. At the end of the discussion, they will react to the discussion and present their own thoughts and how they engaged with the issue. Participants can take what they have learned back to their own organizations!


Two important notes!

First, this event will be held in English! The philanthropic organization described in the case is British. The representatives of the organization who will travel from the UK to attend only speak English.


Second, in order to participate, participants MUST read the case before the event. The case is written as a story and takes about 20-30 minutes to read. The case will be sent to each participant when they RSVP for the event.


Here is How the Case Begins: 

  In August 2017, Rose was called into the CEO’s office at Together for a Better World (TBW) – a large foundation devoted to creating a just and poverty-free world. For the past 45 years they had made grants to UK charities to fund their work across the world. Karen, the CEO, started the conversation: “Rose, the board and I think it is time we re-evaluate our grantmaking approach. We’ve been doing grantmaking the same way, more or less, for several decades.  But, a lot has changed: new ways to financially support organizations have arisen and new ideas about how to amplify an organization’s impact have been developed. We need our philanthropy to move beyond traditional grantmaking and become more innovative, more impactful, and more sustainable over the long term. And, we need to better capture the impact of what we fund so we can better influence the hearts, minds, attitudes and behaviours of our different public audiences who donate to us. Rose, can you lead a new team to help us to test different approaches to support the organisations we fund to become more sustainable and to better capture the impact of the work they do?”  


The discussion will be led by Dr. Greg Molecke, Research Fellow at ESSEC’s Philanthropy Chair.


Participation : 10 € per person (lunch included)

+ commitment to read the case!

(Payment can be made in cash or by check at the event).


The number of seats for this event is limited, please register directly at this link : Inscription


The ESSEC Philanthropy Chair is a member of CEMAS (Centres of Excellence in Management and Society)