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Carine Farias

Carine Farias is a Research Fellow at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair.

Carine holds a PhD in Management from EMLYON Business School (2015). She also holds a Master in Management from EMLYON Business School (2010), and a Bachelor in Development Studies and Public Policy from Copenhagen Business School (2008).

Her research is mainly focused on the construction and maintenance of socially creative organizations, as well as on the relationships they establish with their environment. More precisely, she investigates cultural and organizational processes aimed at a collective re-appropriation of the public space and the economy.

Before her PhD, she worked as head of projects for diverse organizations in the social sector.

Work in progress

Farias, C. Money is the root of all evil, or is it? Recreating culture through everyday neutralizing practices. 

Farias, C. Bringing the territory back in: Re-considering the impact of the physical in shaping alternative relational structures. 

Farias, C.; Courpasson, D. & Vallas, S. Exploring unintended hierarchical patterns in an intentional community.

Ghiglione, E. & Farias, C. Staying on the Yellow Brick Road: Theorizing the maintenance of Alternative Organizations.

Seremani, T. & Farias, C. Building on the ruins. A case study of land property claims and institutional sedimentation in South Africa.