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Admical and the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair worked together on various issues such as assessing the impact of corporate philanthropy or the institutionalisation of new professions related to philanthropy in large French companies.

The purpose of this research project, based on a partnership since February 2012, is to understand how corporate philanthropy appeared and developed in large French companies over the past thirty years (1980-2010). We focus on the "corporate philanthropy officer" profession to analyse the process of emergence, growth, and integration of corporate philanthropy.

The French Fundraisers Association developed the French Fundraising Certificate, the reference among professional training programs in fundraising, together with the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair. The certificate is primarily for professionals in charge of fundraising in nonprofit and public organisations, but also targets professionals wishing to further their careers in fundraising. 

The French Centre of Funds and Foundations mobilised the expertise of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair to create a new program on asset management for funds and foundations. The objective of this program was to assist these organisations in crafting a strategy of asset management that fits their mission, values, and time horizon. In addition, we worked closely on a research project aimed at raising awareness on and understanding family philanthropy in France. 

IMS, Le Rameau, Admical, and the ESSEC Chair in Philanthropy worked together on the topic of corporate volunteering. In October 2013, a research project was launched that involved more than 18 French and international companies.

The aim of this study, published in 2014, was to identify key factors for success and sustainability of corporate volunteering activities, while taking into account both project and employee characteristics. The combination of volunteering and work psychological theories contributes to a better understanding of the phenomenon of corporate volunteering. Next to theoretical insights, the research project promises practical relevance for CSR professionals.

advises corporations, private and corporate foundations, and individuals at every stage of economic/social/philanthropic investment in order to assist its clients in achieving greater social impact. Delsol Avocats is a law firm with lawyers practising at the French Bars of Paris and Lyon. Its not-for-profit organisations department offers advice on legal and tax issues to associations, foundations, cooperatives... 

Together with the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair and with the support of Mazars, they published in 2015 a comparative study on shareholder foundations in Europe.