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Since 2011, our team has been studying corporate sponsorship, family philanthropy, and hybrid philanthropic practices such as crowdfunding, shareholder foundations and impact investing. 

Here is an overview of the research projects conducted by the Chair that led to publications:
  • State of academic research on corporate sponsorship 
  • Specificities of French family philanthropy
  • Institutionnalization and professionnalization of corporate sponsorship
  • Shareholder foundations in Europe
  • Reciprocal giving in crowdfunding
  • Collaborators' engagement: what criteria for a sustainable participation?
  • Situational analysis of impact assessment 
  • A conceptual history of philanthropy in France
We are now focusing on the following research projects:
  • Dividing or hybridizing: how individuals react to impact investing multiple logics 
  • Gift incentives : an interdisciplinary typology 
  • Strategies for an efficient philanthropy 
  • Research on corporate sponsorship: A philosophic review 
  • Selection procedures in funding foundations