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Vers une philanthropie stratégique

The ESSEC Philanthropy Chair is happy to introduce Vers une philanthropie stratégique, co-authored by Peter Frumkin, Anne-Claire Pache and Arthur Gautier and published by Odile Jacob in January 2020. Being a French adaptation of Peter Frumkin's renowned The Essence of Strategic Giving (2010), the book outlines best practices allowing philanthropists to maximise their impact, both for themselves and for society.  

The authors highlight 5 major questions that should be addressed in any philanthropic approach: (1) What is valuable for society and for me? (2) What kind of interventions for which beneficiaries will have the most impact? (3) How involved and visible should my giving be? (4) What vehicle should I choose to reach my goals? (5) When and at what frequency should I give? Using a variety of French and American examples, they show that making sure the answers to these questions are aligned allows for a strategic approach of philanthropy, that will reconcile generosity and efficiency. 

Many thanks to the Fondation de France and the Fondation Caritas France, which supported the Philanthropy Chair in this project.

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