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Philanthropy: Understand and take action!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the first French-language MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Philanthropy:

Philanthropie : Comprendre et Agir ! 
(Philanthropy : Understand and Take Action!)

Whether you are simply curious to discover the subject, thinking about how to better donate, starting your own philanthropic initiative or event, or working already in the field of philanthropy, this MOOC is for you! 

At the beginning of the 21st century, faced with economic and political crises, philanthropy plays an increasing role in responding to the great challenges of our time: the fight against poverty, education, medical research, culture, etc. All over the world, charitable foundations multiply and their donations help develop and influence the lives of many people.

Despite its importance, philanthropy remains poorly understood, particularly in France and Europe. What is philanthropy? What motivates it? How to practice it? What is its impact? To answer these four main questions, ESSEC's Philanthropy Chair , in collaboration with the Fondation de France, is launching the first French-language MOOC on this subject, Philanthropie : Comprendre et Agir ! (Philanthropy: Understand and Take Action) (In French language only).

This MOOC, presented in French, is a 4-week online course, free and accessible to all, through the Coursera platform. Combining the best research and experience of distinguished practitioners and academic experts, this course allows you to learn using videos, quizzes and interactive discussions between participants through a dedicated forum.

Sign up (in French language) today to better understand philanthropy and  build a better world!

This MOOC is produced by ESSEC's Philanthropy Chair, in partnership with Fondation de France.