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Philanthropy : Strategy and Impact

This course, an option course for ESSEC students, has been offered every year since 2012.
Initially taught by Anne-Claire Pache (2012-2014) the course is now taught by Arthur Gautier
This course has two main objectives
  • To give students an understanding of the context in which the philanthropic sector is based, as well as its role and the stakes involved, including its recent evolution.
  • To give students the skills and competencies needed to launch and manage philanthropic initiatives.
The course consists of thirty hours teaching, (ten lectures of three hours each) and studies the following aspects of philanthropy: its history, key theoretical and ideological perspectives, the main actors (ordinary donors, HNWIs, corporate donors, etc.), the importance of fundraising, philanthropic strategies, impact evaluation and new frontiers.
Teaching methods

The course makes use of various teaching methods:
  • Lectures, imparting key information on the state of the sector and key concerns
  • Case methods on philanthropy, used by the lecturer to illustrate important questions that French and international philanthropists face today
  • Presentations by practitioners who share their experience of working in the philanthropic sector
  • Discussions between students, structured by the lecturer, on key questions that generate debate
  • A strategic project, undertaken in pairs, based on real-life philanthropic initiatives. This project is due in the last week of the course. 
Assessment is based on the following three criteria:
  • Class participation (30%)
  • Three reflections on cases (30%)
  • The strategic project (40% - a joint grade will be given to each pair of students)