Philanthropy in question(s)

"Philanthropy in question(s)" is the monthly podcast of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair.

Every last Wednesday of the month, in a 5 to 10 minute episode, we share the discoveries of a researcher on philanthropy in France or internationally, all disciplines included. The aim? To give research a place on a daily basis in order to contribute to critical thinking and to shed light on societal issues through the prism of philanthropy. Dive into the heart of philanthropy research with us!

The podcast is currently only available in French.

What is philanthropy? Why and how is it studied? More importantly, why are we inviting you to join us in exploring the questions and issues raised by research on philanthropy?

In this introductory episode, Anne-Claire Pache, Arthur Gautier and Anne Monier of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair tell us about the origins of the Chair, the ways in which philanthropy has been studied through research and the purpose of this podcast.