Motivations and drivers
for giving

Understanding what motivates a donor to financially support a public interest organization is a central question in scientific research on philanthropy, even though knowledge to date is extremely scattered across many disciplines that still have little dialogue: economics, sociology, history, but also psychology, biology, chemistry and the neurosciences.

Why do we give? And why, conversely, do we not give? Is there a link between the motivations that lead to giving and the effect of giving on the recipients?

This project aims to analyze the drivers for philanthropic commitment through an interdisciplinary approach.

Research subtopics: Typology of motivations 🔹 Agentivity in fundraising campaigns

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You can also watch the replay of our Lunch & Learn seminars: Du bonheur d’être philanthrope : le don vu par l’économie du bonheur (20 June 2017) 🇫🇷