About the chair

A word about us

ESSEC’s Philanthropy Chair is a research team whose members aim to strengthen the social impact of individual donors, corporate donors, foundations and impact investors. We do this by producing and sharing research about philanthropy, primarily in France and Europe. 

What is our motivation ? We seek to:
  • Contribute towards scholars and practitioners’ understanding of contemporary philanthropy
  • Promote more clear-sighted, strategic and effective philanthropy
  • Reinforce the philanthropy’s contribution to todays’ pressing social problems
How do we go about this?

Since the Chair’s inception in 2011, we have proven our capacity to publish quality academic and applied research on philanthropy; played an active part in developing a European research network, established our role in transmitting knowledge to practitioners, ESSEC alumni and fundraising professionals.

The Chair is a part of the Centre of Excellence for Management and Society (CEMAS).