Together is ESSEC Business School's 360° approach to social and environmental transition.

Environmental challenges, as well as current health and social issues, are questioning the current major balances. They force us to rethink our organisations, our economic models and their tools. In this context, ESSEC's ambition is to support and influence the ecological and social transition of our societies through training and research, and by implementing an ambitious approach in conjunction with its stakeholders and territories.

Since 2011, the Philanthropy Chair has taken a close interest in these issues through its study of philanthropy, and is a stakeholder in this strategic approach, which is the School's roadmap for social and environmental transition. 
Professor Anne-Claire Pache is also, since 2020, Academic Director of the Together initiative and Director of Strategy and Social Commitment at ESSEC. 

Anne-Claire Pache, Associate Dean for Global Strategy and Sustainability at ESSEC Business School and chair holder of ESSEC's Chair in philanthropy, presents Together. 
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