The team has worked on many projects highlighting various aspects of philanthropy, including its key actors (ordinary donors, high net-worth individuals, foundations, businesses) or widespread preoccupations (What are philanthropists’ motivations? How do people give? What are the impacts of giving practices?) More recently, the team has developed an interest in the “new frontiers” of philanthropy, whether the frontier be geographic or innovation-based.
    The main projects that the Chair has undertaken since its foundation in 2011 are:
    • A literature review on philanthropy, and separately on corporate philanthropy (completed)
    • The defining characteristics of family philanthropy (completed)
    • The institutionalization processes of corporate philanthropy in France
    • Understanding sustained employee participation in corporate volunteering
    • A comparison between European and international philanthropic practices
    • Philanthropic strategies
    • The impact of philanthropy
    • The drivers of impact investing
    • Shareholder foundations

    Following a long and rigorous research process – involving defining the precise research question, debates over methodological research process, data collection, data analysis, discussion and relation of the material to theoretical frameworks – the Chair’s works have been published in various different forms.