One of the priorities of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair is to disseminate academic research on philanthropy in order to contribute to a better knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon in our society, and that it can be used to feed the work of practitioners in the sector. We therefore share recent findings and key insights from the research with a wide audience through various channels:

🔹 Events: we organise a series of Lunch & Learn seminars for practitioners (40 editions to date), as well as conferences in various formats for the general public. In addition to these events organised by the Chair, our team also regularly participates in events organised by professionals in the sector.

🔹 The media: our team is regularly solicited by the media as experts on philanthropy. We also write articles for the general public, notably for journals dedicated to the popularisation of research such as The Conversation or ESSEC Knowledge.

🔹 Podcasts, infographics and MOOCs: the Chair is constantly innovating to offer you new ways to discover research. In addition to producing infographics that illustrate the work of researchers, we now broadcast a monthly podcast entitled "Philanthropy in question(s)". In collaboration with the Fondation de France, we also offer a MOOC, at the end of which you will have all the keys to understand and act in favour of a better world thanks to philanthropy!

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