On this page, you will find a series of short videos created by the Philanthropy Chair on specific philanthropy themes. Among them, some are replays of public interventions (such as the Philanthropy Talks) and others were created for educational purposes or broadcasted as part of ESSEC's partnership with the website.

What is philanthropy? Definitions and concepts 🇫🇷
What is philanthropy? What motivates philanthropists? How to act effectively for the benefit of the common good? And how to evaluate its impact? Arthur Gautier, Executive Director of the Philanthropy Chair, presents the definitions and concepts of philanthropy.

Social innovation and hybrid organizations 🇫🇷

Thanks to this video lecture by Anne-Claire Pache, Professor of the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, discover what hybrid organizations are and what their role in social innovation can be.

What are the pillars of strategic philanthropy? 🇫🇷
The answer of Anne-Claire Pache, professor of philanthropy at ESSEC Business School. - 06/07/2020
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How to make corporate philanthropy more socially effective? 🇫🇷
Anne-Claire Pache, Professor of Philanthropy at ESSEC Business School, explains. - 03/10/2017
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What are the key drivers of an entrepreneur to start a business?
Pascal Lorne
Talk Philanthropie - June 16th, 2015, at ESSEC

How can we fix the philanthropy industry?
Alexandre Mars, Epic Foundation
Talk Philanthropie - June 15th, 2015, at ESSEC

What role for family philanthropy in France?
Anne-Claire Pache, Professor of the Philanthropy Chair at ESSEC
Talk Philanthropie - April 2nd, 2014, at the Petit Palais

Three preconceived ideas about corporate philanthropy
Arthur Gautier, Professor at ESSEC and Executive Director of the Philanthropy Chair
Talk Philanthropie - April 2nd, 2014, at the Petit Palais

All the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair's videos are available on our Youtube playlist.