Since 2020, the Philanthropy Chair has been offering podcast series in French. A new format to give a voice to philanthropy research !

Discover below our first two series: a 5-episode series on Strategic Philanthropy and our monthly podcast "Philanthropy in question(s)".

Enjoy your listening !

Where can you listen to the Philanthropy Chair's podcasts?

Podcasts "Towards Strategic Philanthropy" and "Philanthropy in question(s)" by ESSEC's Philanthropy Chair are directly available on our website.

They also are available on all main listening platforms, such as the ones following:

Chaire Philanthropie - Spotify
Chaire Philanthropie - Soundcloud
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Increasing the awareness of our podcasts is also an excellent way for you to contribute to raising the profile of philanthropy and to work towards a better understanding of the phenomenon in society in general.

Below are 4 ways you can help us raise awareness of the Philanthropy Chair's podcasts.

1. Subscribe to the podcasts

This subscription will allow you to be systematically informed of the publication of new episodes by a notification. The number of subscribers contributes to the promotion of the podcast on the different listening platforms.

To do so, go to the Ausha page of the podcast "Towards Philanthropic Strategy" or "Philanthropy in question(s)", then click on the "Subscribe" mention located under the title.

Then, simply click on the logo of the listening platform of your choice and click on the "Subscribe" button under the title of the podcast on that platform.

S'abonner aux podcasts de la Chaire Philanthropie de l'ESSEC
Plateformes d'écoute des podcasts de la Chaire Philanthropie de l'ESSEC

2. Leave stars or "likes"

The platforms' algorithm relies on listener recommendations to decide whether it will feature a podcast to suggest it for listening by other listeners interested in similar topics.

By leaving 5 stars or a "Like" for our podcasts "Towards Philanthropic Strategy" or "Philanthropy in question(s)" on the platform(s) of your choice, you increase the chances that they will be suggested for listening by new people. This is a very valuable help.

The Apple Podcast platform is particularly popular with our listeners: a few stars from you may encourage it to promote our podcast to a particularly receptive audience. So don't hesitate, open the application on your phone and !

Notes et avis - Podcasts Chaire Philanthropie

3. Post a positive review or comment

There's nothing like a review on a platform like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer or Podcast Addict to boost the visibility of a podcast and invite passing listeners to listen to one or more episodes!

A positive review will act as word of mouth to a wider audience and encourage people to take a closer look at philanthropy to better understand it and its issues.

To do this, on the Apple Podcast platform, click on the "Write a review" link below the star rating. Here is a link to help you if you are not familiar with the process. On other platforms, there is usually a space to leave a review, as in the example below from SoundCloud.

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4. Partagez le podcast et parlez-en autour de vous

Finally, of course, to support our podcasts "Towards Philanthropic Strategy" and "Philanthropy in question(s)", do not hesitate to tell your friends and family about them!

One of the most effective ways to do this is to share the episode of your choice on your social networks with a link to the podcast page. If you share it on Twitter, don't hesitate to tag the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair (@chairephi_essec): we will gladly re-share your tweet

The ESSEC Philanthropy Chair would like to thank you for your precious help in promoting its podcasts.

Your opinions and sharing are key to maximising their impact and raising public awareness of the issues surrounding donations, fundraising, patronage, generosity... philanthropy in general.