Whether you are simply curious to discover the subject, thinking about how to donate better, starting your own philanthropic initiative or event, or already working in the field of philanthropy, this MOOC is for you!

Literally "love of humanity", nowadays philanthropy refers to all donations freely made by private actors in favor of the general interest. In the media, philanthropy is embodied today by the American billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who have given a large part of their fortune to a foundation in favor of health and education. But this vision is partial: philanthropy is very active in most parts of the world, not only in the United States, and it is not only the very rich who give, since many individuals and companies get involved.

At the beginning of the 21st century, marked by economic and political crises, philanthropy is playing a growing role in responding to the major challenges of our time. As an alternative to the market model and to public redistribution via taxes, private donations are actively sought to finance the fight against poverty, education, medical research or culture... Everywhere in the world, foundations are multiplying, donations are growing and influencing the lives of many people. The needs are immense and the competition for funds has never been so fierce.

Despite its importance, philanthropy remains poorly understood, particularly in France and Europe. Several key questions remain unanswered: What exactly are we talking about? What motivates philanthropists and encourages their action? What are the different ways of taking part in philanthropy? What is its impact and how can it be evaluated? The objective of this MOOC is to answer these four major questions, by mobilizing the latest advances in research and the viewpoints of recognized experts in their field.

Each week, you will progress thanks to videos combining theory and practice, readings to go further, quizzes to reinforce your knowledge and forums where you will be able to exchange with other participants and with the teaching team. At the end of this MOOC, you will have all the keys in hand to understand and act for a better world!

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