The Philanthropy Chair regularly organizes events for professionals in the philanthropy sector. These include our traditional Lunch & Learn seminars (40 editions to date), as well as other conferences organized on a more occasional basis on key topics surrounding philanthropy. The objective is to allow everyone to understand what philanthropy is and what the main issues are.

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Our Lunch & Learn seminars

Designed as a series of meetings, the main objective of the Lunch & Learn seminars of the Philanthropy Chair is to enable professionals working in the various areas of the philanthropy sector (foundations, corporate philanthropy, fundraising, philanthropy consultancy, etc.) to take a step back from their practices and to exchange their thoughts on certain strategic subjects, informed by the results of research. In particular, the European and international dimension is privileged.

About forty participants who have registered in advance gather around two speakers - one academic, one practitioner - who address the same issue encountered by philanthropic actors from complementary angles.

The presentation time is relatively short (20 minutes per speaker) to allow for a comfortable and most fruitful exchange (50 minutes). The Philanthropy Chair's Lunch & Learn sessions are organized 4 to 5 times a year, on a weekday during lunch (12.15pm-2pm), and take place on ESSEC's Executive Education campus, at Cnit-La Défense. They are led by Anne-Claire Pache and Arthur Gautier.

Some presentations are in English, others in French, depending on the speakers.

All seminars are recorded and can be replayed as podcasts on our SoundCloud channel or videos on Youtube.

Our latest Lunch & Learn webinar! 🇫🇷🇬🇧

What do we really know about this "religious philanthropy"? What are the major evolutions it has undergone up to now? In particular, how have the profiles, motives and practices of religious donors evolved? What is the future of this form of philanthropy in a world where tensions and identity conflicts also permeate religion?

With David P. King and Jean-Marie Destrée

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Conference - Exchange with Rob Reich, 2 April 2019, at BAL

Rob Reich is Professor at Stanford University and author of "Just giving: Why Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and How it Can Do Better" (Princeton University Press, 2018).

Has philanthropy, born and fostered in liberal democracies, become a danger to democracy itself? Under what conditions can it regain its capacity to build the common good in a decentralised and balanced way and to finance social innovation in a sustainable way? These are the questions addressed by the political scientist Rob Reich (Stanford University) in his latest book Just Giving, an essay that is making a lot of noise in the United States and that sheds light on the role that philanthropy should play in the future in France and in Europe.