Teaching Cases


 The Chair produces pedagogical cases for teaching purposes, which are intended to support management courses on philanthropy. 

Four pedagogical cases have been published to date on the CCMP and The Case Center case banks, and others are in progress. They are available in French and English, and can be downloaded by business school teachers looking for an effective tool to put their students in a situation on one of the themes covered. 

The Case Method: What is it?

Formalized by the Harvard Business School at the beginning of the 20th century, the Case Method is an active pedagogy based on the rational analysis of real business situations. This method consists of having a group of learners study and discuss concrete dilemmas based on information provided by the actors of the company studied.

This method establishes a direct link between the business reality presented in the case study and a training objective, leading to the enrichment of the learner's knowledge and skills.

It allows to :

- reinforce the involvement and motivation of the learners,

- to discover the reality of the company in its complexity and without preconceived ideas

- acquire teamwork behaviors that are transferable to any professional context

- develop new individual skills through the sharing of know-how, opinions, etc.

- encourage creativity in the development of effective solutions

MSF France: Mission, Values and Fundraising (2020)

Case and teaching note

* EFMD Award 2019 *

Managing the growth of an innovative subsidiary in the non-profit sector: the Caritas France Foundation, a spin-off of Secours Catholique (2019)

Pedagogical case

Teaching note

Combining Tradition and Modernity: Toward a New Philanthropy for the Rothschild Family (2016)

Cases and teaching note

Managing the departure of a charismatic founder: Asmae, the association of Sister Emmanuelle (2014)

Pedagogical case

Teaching note

Giving a new lease of life to a major music festival: Les Eurockéennes de Belfort (2014)

Pedagogical case (A)

Pedagogical case (B)

Teaching note