Since 2019, our French course "Philanthropy: Strategies and Impact" (DEVE31103, description below) is also taught in English by Arthur Gautier at ESSEC for Masters in Management students.

A course acclaimed by students, who gave it an excellent rating of 4.94 / 5 in 2021.

"A very clear and engaging teacher who managed to make his course lively despite distance learning. It was also interesting to "meet" professionals of philanthropy, whose jobs we know so little about!"

"Genuine commitment from the professor and willingness to transmit knowledge but also concrete elements. A very good course."

"I really appreciated the mix of theory, concrete examples and practice, as well as the teacher's commitment and ability to engage students."


This course has two main objectives for students:

  1. Understanding the field of philanthropy, its role in society, the stakes facing its actors, and recent evolutions.

  2. Acquiring elementary skills and tools to create and manage philanthropic initiatives.


The course introduces key concepts, figures, and theories of philanthropy; presents profiles, motivations, and practices of all types of donors; explains key fundraising and grant-making strategies; showcases new trends and practices; presents methods to evaluate and think about the impact of philanthropy.

Teaching method

A variety of methods are used in this course:

  1. Lectures

  2. Case studies

  3. Guest speakers

  4. Debates and role plays

  5. A team project to apply and extend the knowledge acquired in class

Grading pattern

Grades will be given on the basis of three criteria:

  1. Class participation and attendance (20%)

  2. Individual assignments – preparing memos for case studies to be debated in class (30%)

  3. Group assignments – final report and/or presentation (50%)