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Giving in the economy

Lunch & Learn 47 🔹  Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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Giving in the economy  

For a long time, economic science has left the subject of giving out of its field of study. A real enigma for neoclassical economists, the gift of money, time or self seemed to escape the selfish and rational calculation of Homo economicus. When other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and psychology turned giving into an important and legitimate object of research, economists only started to take a closer look at it in the late 1960s. Since then, a wealth of studies and theories has emerged with the rise of behavioral economics and experimental methods. Contemporary economists such as James Andreoni, John List and Catherine Eckel have provided new insights into giving, including tax policies, motivations and gender differences in giving behavior. At the same time, the weight and place of giving in the economy have increased. The flow of private generosity to public interest organizations and the number of foundations are growing worldwide, despite the crises. While we know more and more about this "gift economy", many grey areas and questions remain. The recent publication of Françoise Benhamou and Nathalie Moureau's book Le don dans l'économie is the ideal opportunity to take stock of what economic science can teach us on this subject.


🔹  Françoise Benhamou, Professor, member of the Cercle des économistes. Co-author of the book Le don dans l'économie (ed. Repères/La Découverte, 2022)

🔹  Pierre Siquier, Président de France Générosités, Administrateur de Plan International France

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