Lunch & Learn 40


Friday, April 16th 2021

Knowing and understanding European philanthropy: Towards comparable data?

Although philanthropy has experienced significant growth in many European countries, grasping the philanthropic phenomenon at a European scale is still a challenge. The diversity of institutional, political, economic, and social contexts in each of the European countries makes it particularly difficult to compare the different systems and to have a unified picture of giving in Europe. As common strategies gain prominence within the European Union - as the joint Covid-19 vaccine response illustrates, understanding European philanthropy is an important task ahead for organizations and citizens across the continent. This requires thinking about the best ways to collect and analyze comparable data, but also making sense of the specific features of philanthropy in Europe. What data is already available on philanthropy in Europe? Can we easily compare countries? What challenges lie ahead? What is at stake, exactly? These are some of the questions that we want to tackle in this seminar, as we look to improve our understanding of European philanthropy.

With :

  • Theo Schuyt, Professor of Philanthropic Studies at VU University Amsterdam, President of the European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP);

  • Laurence de Nervaux, Head of Research and International Affairs at Fondation de France.