Meeting with Paul Vallely


On Friday June 2, 2023, the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair welcomed essayist and journalist Paul Vallely to MACIF headquarters (Paris 15) to hear him present his masterly book Philanthropy: From Aristotle to Zuckerberg (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020). The book offers a detailed historical analysis of philanthropy from antiquity to the present day. Combining anecdotes and scientific data, the author offers an original perspective that illuminates and questions the future of philanthropy.

On this page, you'll find photos and a replay of Paul Vallely's talk!

150 participants came to hear him speak, and enjoyed to the ensuing discussion with researchers from the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair. All were then able to put their questions to the author, before continuing the evening with a cocktail reception, with book sales and signing.

Listen to Paul Vallely's book presentation below: