Meeting with Rob Reich


Has philanthropy, born and encouraged in liberal democracies, become a danger for democracy itself? Under what conditions can it regain its capacity to build the common good in a decentralized and balanced way and to finance social innovation in a sustainable way?

These are the questions addressed by political scientist Rob Reich in his latest book, Just Giving, an essay that is making a lot of noise in the United States and that may shed light on the role that philanthropy should play in the future in France and in Europe.

Rob Reich is a Professor at Stanford University and the author of "Just giving: Why Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and How it Can Do Better" (Princeton University Press, 2018).

On April 2, 2019, ESSEC's Philanthropy Chair invited him to present his book at the BAL in Paris in front of a hundred or so philanthropy actors in France. Relive our conversation in replay!