French Fundraising Certificate


The French Fundraising Certificate is the first high-level training course in fundraising.

Intended to be undertaken in parallel with existing professional activities, it consists of:

  • 15 full days of training, spread over six months (120 hours of training)

  • A strategic fundraising project

The certificate is led by the Association Française des Fundraisers, in partnership with ESSEC’s Philanthropy Chair

"After several years of experience in cultural sponsorship, I needed to broaden my knowledge in the field of fundraising. The CFF totally met my expectations.

We learn a lot about the techniques used in different sectors. Discussions with the speakers and our fellow students allow us to feed our strategic thinking on fundraising. The human aspect comes first, the meetings, sharing experiences: the training does not stop with the courses!

CFF fuels a dynamic of curiosity about the sector that is very beneficial in day-to-day work."

Charline Guille-Burger - Patronage and Partnerships Officer at Mudam Luxembourg - CFF class of 2016

Program objectives

For you :

🔹 Obtain a recognized professional qualification

🔹 Refresh your skills and network

🔹 Gain tools and new ways of working

🔹 Gain greater legitimacy in your organisation

🔹 Increase your employability in the fundraising sector

For your organization :

🔹 Share the skills you learn with your team

🔹 Benefit from the experience and skills of major players in the sector

🔹 Develop the strategy and practices of the team, so that they will collect more, and better.

Who is the course aimed at ?

🔹 Fundraising professionals: the certificate is primarily intended for those already involved in fundraising in an organization with a social goal, be it charitable, linked to teaching, research or the arts.

🔹 Professionals who want to become fundraisers: the certificate is also open to people working in other sectors who seek a career change. These applications will be treated on a case-by-case basis, decided upon by a panel of professionals.

A recognized qualification in Europe

The French Fundraising Certificate is recognized at a European level, thanks to its « EFA » certification. The CFF has satisfied the criteria determined by the European Fundraising Association for the quality of the courses’ content and teaching.

"As a coordinator of international solidarity projects for the past twenty years, I have conducted fundraising operations to finance the projects I was in charge of, often with insufficient results.

Wishing to strengthen my skills in this field, I was lucky enough to be able to follow this fascinating ESSEC-AFF training.

I understood why my fundraising had often gone wrong and was able to develop my understanding and skills in this area. This has made me decide to reorient my career to focus on fundraising full time in the near future."

Julien Soyer - Solidarité Internationale - CFF class of 2016


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For any questions, you may contact :

Caroline Marry
Training Manager of l'Association Française des Fundraisers

"The CFF is an intensive and very concrete training course on fundraising, its philosophy and practices, given by professionals who share their passion. An indispensable passport to progress in fundraising!" - Florence Desparmet (2009-2010 class)