Social Impact Assessment


Since 2012, ESSEC has developed a pioneering expertise in social impact assessment (SIA). It has emerged from a collaborative work between the Chair in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Philanthropy Chair.

Bolstered by this long experience, we now offer SIA training in French to actors from these sectors, through diverse face-to-face and online training sessions:

🔹 "Initiation to Social Impact Assessment" training (2 days) with Kimso and Admical.

🔹 Training-Acting "Social Impact Assessment" (6 days) with Kimso and Admical.

🔹 MOOC "Social Impact Assessment" (4 episodes, free) on the leading online learning platform Coursera.

We also created and animated a customized training session for the Centre français des Fonds et Fondations, in partnership with the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso: "Evaluating our impact to improve and convince" (3 days), on April 3rd-5th 2019 at the Fondation Saint-Pierre (Palavas-les-Flots).

Evaluating social impact means asking questions that are essential for any initiative with a social objective: what need are we addressing? Is the solution provided relevant, effective and efficient? What changes are generated and for whom? How does this initiative make a real difference for the beneficiaries and society? What can be done better? The answers provided help to feed strategies and improve practices, but also to communicate more accurately on the social value created.

This introductory course presents the issues associated with social impact assessment, the main existing methods and their operational implications. It is led by KiMSO, a consultancy and evaluation firm specializing in social impact, in partnership with ADMICAL, an association that brings together and represents all sponsors.

Training-Acting "Social Impact Assessment"

Prerequisite: to have completed the KiMSO training course "Initiation to social impact evaluation" or to have followed the MOOC Evaluation and Measurement of Social Impact of ESSEC, available on the Coursera platform.

This training-action is based on a concrete evaluation project that you wish to conduct and will allow you to acquire the operational mastery of the different steps of the evaluation, from the identification of the need to the use of the results, in order to communicate and accompany the decision making process.

MOOC "Social Impact Assessment"

Why and how to measure its social impact? Which tools should be chosen, how should they be implemented, how should the results be used? These questions are now crucial for all organisations working for the general interest, whether they are associations or social enterprises.

To help you answer these questions, we have given the floor to social entrepreneurs such as Main Forte, Recyclivre and Talents d'Alphonse, as well as to funders such as Veolia, BNP, Investir et + and PHI Trust, and to expert practitioners and academics from ESSEC.

These testimonies will allow you to immerse yourself in practical examples of social impact measurement and to benefit from concrete experiences and advice while acquiring a methodological base.