Philanthropy and Global Development


Podcast "Philanthropy in question(s)" - Episode 25

The power of philanthropy in global development - Arun Kumar & Sally Brooks

What role have large American foundations played in international development?

Anne Monier, researcher at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair, presents in this episode an article by Arun Kumar and Sally Brooks published in 2021 in the journal Economy & Society and entitled "Bridges, platforms and satellites : Theorizing the power of global philanthropy in international development". 

Drawing on the notions of "connection" and "disconnection", the authors analyze how major American foundations have acted in international development over three distinct periods from the 1940s to the present day. To do so, they use metaphors to highlight the major institutional issues at stake.

The main ideas of the article:

Anne Monier presents in this episode the main ideas of this research:

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