Podcast - Episode 1/5

Towards philanthropic strategy - Value

💞 "What value do I want to create for society and for myself?", "What is my goal?", "What positive change do I want to bring about?"

These few questions are at the heart of, and often at the origin of, a philanthropic commitment. In this episode, Professor Arthur Gautier sheds light on this dimension and the different approaches possible.

To illustrate this variety of possibilities, we hear from two philanthropists:

🔹Sabine Roux de Bézieux (Araok Foundation, Fondation de la Mer, association Un Esprit de Famille)

🔹Jean-François Rambicur (ARCEAL Foundation , 1001 Fontaines Association).

This podcast is only available in French.

Interviews of Crama Trouillot du Boys and Benoît Guenini, hosted by Arthur Gautier.

Interviews of Sabine Roux de Bézieux and Jean-François Rambicur, hosted by Arthur Gautier.

Interviews of Denis Duverne and Nicolas Poncin, hosted by Arthur Gautier.

Interviews of Dominique Lemaistre and Elisabeth Elkrief, hosted by Anne-Claire Pache.

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Every last Wednesday of the month, in an episode of about 10 minutes, we share the discoveries of a researcher on philanthropy in France or internationally, all disciplines included. The aim? To give research a place on a daily basis in order to contribute to critical thinking and to shed light on societal issues through the prism of philanthropy. Dive with us into the heart of research on giving!

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